Amazon Case - Amazon, a threatened living entity

Amazon, a threatened living entity

One cannot talk about climate change without talking about the Amazon, since there is no solution to the climate crisis without a healthy Amazon. With its rich biodiversity and its massive role in processing so much of the world’s CO2 as well as fostering life in so many magnificent forms, and regulating the world climate, the fate of the Amazon is inextricably tied to the fate of the world as a whole, and yet this fragile, vital ecosystem is being destroyed at a precipitous rhythm. From petroleum extraction to mining; gold panning; poaching; logging; urbanization; soy farming; cattle breeding; uncontrolled wildfires, the threats that the world’s most important rainforest faces are myriad and grave, and all the current science indicates that the tipping point is fast approaching.

To truly halt the destruction of the Amazon, real international cooperation will be needed between all of the states who share it as part of their territory, and real public pressure from the people of those countries and the entire world, and furthermore it will be necessary to understand the Amazon as a whole ecosystem, as a living entity, and not separate it by parts of by countries. It is a single living being upon whose health the balance of the entire planet depends on.

For this reason, the International Rights of Nature Tribunal will hear the case of the Amazon – a threatened living entity with the aid of local, world-renowned experts in the subject, who will provide a real perspective on what are the problems the Amazon is facing and what are the actual solutions to revert and avoid the tipping point.

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