lake vättern case

Lake Vättern: Introducing the third case in the European Tribunals in Defense of Aquatic Ecosystems

The Tribunal will hear and try five critical aquatic ecosystem cases brought by frontline, impacted communities, and experts from across Europe. This third case in the series is focusing on Lake Vättern.

Lake Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden. It provides drinking water for more than 250.000 people, a number that may increase substantially in the future as both Örebro and Stockholm, and even Denmark and Germany, are looking at Vättern as a source of water.

The communities living in the lake Vättern area have mobilized against the environmental destruction of Vättern and surrounding ecosystems for many years, in the wake of pollution of the lake by corporations and the Swedish state.

This includes activities such as a zinc mine leaking heavy metals into the lake, planned mining for rare earth minerals, a large paper mill, and the Swedish defense forces military use of the lake for shooting exercise, both from the air and by heavy artillery from the shores.

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