marseille case

Coming up: The Marseille case, fifth hearing of the European Rights of Nature Tribunal

The Tribunal will hear and try five critical aquatic ecosystem cases brought by frontline, impacted communities, and experts from across Europe.

This fifth and final case in the series is focusing on Marseille’s red muds.

The factory of Gardanne (Bouches du Rhône), is producing alumina or aluminum oxide, a material used to make electronic components, ceramics and refractory material. This activity emits toxic waste full of heavy metals and heightened radioactivity, causing the famous “red muds”, and it has been happening with state authorization since 1967.

Through a 55 km long pipe, they are spread at a depth of 320 meters in the Cassidaigne canyon, an oceanic trench that used to be home to extraordinary biodiversity.

In total, 32 million tons (kg) of mud have been discharged. Nature’s destruction is so serious, that it seems scientifically impossible to restore the ecosystems. It is a violation of the ocean’s rights and a major ecocide case.

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